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Both the Pac-People and the Ghost Monsters live in a pocket universe, and for ages the Ghost Monsters have preyed upon the Pac-People as food, and the Pac-People have sometimes fought back with Power Pellets (which grow on unique plants with a single power pellet on the top of a plant’s stalk).

Pac-People live in permanent villages and towns while most Ghost Monsters live as nomads or wandering vagabonds. In case a Pac town or village is raided by wandering Ghost Monsters, most Pac-People will temporaily evacuate their town or village and often frantically look for Power Pellets. The Pac Militia units often attempt to defend their towns or villages against Ghost Monster raids armed with swords or guns.

Sometimes Pac Militia members will patrol the lands outside towns and villages, looking for Pac-Persons to protect and Ghost Monsters to defend against.

Some Ghost Monsters make a living producing ghost suits for Ghost Monsters who had been turned into disembodied eyes thanks to Chomp Attacks by Pac-People under the influence of Power Pellets. These Ghost Monsters live in permanent buildings called Ghost Houses which are typically relatively far away from Pac villages and towns.

Main Page

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