Pac Militia Member (Extra)


A Pac Militia Member is a Pac-Person with the following stats:

Agility d6 Smarts d6 Strength d6 Vigor d8 Spirit d8 Fighting d10 Shooting d6 Stealth d6 Notice d6 Intimidation d8

Pace 6 Parry 7 Toughness 6

Notes: A Pac Militia Member is vulnerable to a Ghost Monster’s Chomping Attack unless under the influence of a Power Pellet (a Smarts roll at -6 will locate one or more; roll d6 to determine the number of Pac Militia Members if the Smarts roll is sucessful). Unlike a typical Pac-Person, a Pac Militia member will only use a Power Pellet to protect against Chomp Attacks by Ghost Monsters and not use Chomp Attacks themselves. A Pac Militia Member instead will be armed with a sword (damage is Strength plus 2) or a gun (with ROF of 1, a range of 4/8/16, and 2d6 damage). The weapons of Pac Militia Members can inflict Shaken results, Wounds, and Incapacitation status on Ghost Monsters but not kill them. A Ghost Monster Incapacitated by a Pac Militia Member’s weapon gets a plus 1 bonus to Vigor rolls to recover from Incapacitated status and Wounds, and these Vigor rolls occur once every three minutes.


Pac Militia Member (Extra)

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